inFamous 2: A Review

inFamous 2 takes the franchise to a new level with enhances graphics, audio and of course, gameplay. The graphics have been refined to give you that crisp screen edge that you may need in up and coming fights. Audio has been revamped for new commentary from both Cole and NPC’s around him. This brings us to a more real-life situation, if that life gave you electrical-controlling powers. The gameplay is the important stuff. 

To understand the gameplay, we’ll need to look at the early plot. Cole has recently been told that a Beast is coming for him, a humanoid creature that knows only destruction and chaos, and that Cole was the one that was destined to fight him. However, when Cole tried to fight him the first time, Cole was beaten by a small margin thanks to the Beast’s uncanny regenerative powers and destructive abilities. Fleeing the now destroyed Empire City, he travelled by boat to New Marais, the once haven of the coast was now brought to its knees by the newly formed militia group. Cole was told to go there with CIA agent Lucy Kuo, a specialist in international phenomenon and investigation. She explained that Cole needed to meet Dr: Wolfe, (the original creator of the Ray Sphere, the device that gave Cole his powers but started this entire predicament) to give him new powers and give him the Ray Field Inhibitor (RFI) that can take away the Beast’s powers. However, after an attack on Wolfe, the Blast Core’s that were meant to give Cole new powers were blown in different directions of New Marais, starting this chase. 

Now that we see why and how Cole gains new powers, lets see what new powers he discovers (SPOILER ALERT, IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW, SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH) Cole gains all of his old powers, plus some new ones. The Lightning Tether allows Cole to swing around like a grapple hook with ease, the Ionic Vortex releases a massive cyclone that sucks up and takes down anyone and anything in its path. New lightning types have been gained such as the Pincer, Magnum, Alpha, Bolt Stream and Artillery Bolt. New rockets have been added such as the Sticky Rocket and Ice Rocket and grenades such as the Ice grenade. New shockwaves like the Shatter Blast and Projectile Blast have been included. New extra powers like the the Ice Launch, Frost Shield, Kinetic Pulse and Firebird Strike have been included (along with the Lightning Tether)

Throughout the course of the game, new and smaller details have been added for a more realistic feel to the game, although sometimes repetitive, this is stopped thanks to random scenarios that force constant rethinking and strategy. I highly recommend this game.Image


Splinter Cell: Blacklist Preview and Opinion

images (1)Splinter Cell: Blacklist takes the stealth franchise to a whole new level. Sam Fisher, the ex-agent of Third Echelon, has been given command over the new , special operations unit know as Fourth Echelon. In “Conviction”, Sam had tried to destroy Third Echelon because of their connection to his daughter’s death. After discovering a conspiracy to the assassination of the President, Sam helps his old friend Anna to prevent this. After being reunited with his daughter who didn’t die, he then killed the corrupted head of Third Echelon. “Blacklist” continues this when the President shuts down Third Echelon publicly, but at the same time, off the record, the Fourth Echelon was made. This is led by the Splinter Cell veteran Sam Fisher. This time,  12 terrorists have created the “Blacklist”, which in turn leads to increasing intensity of terrorist attacks on the US. Sam and his colleagues are now in a race against time as they need to remove these terrorists before the Blacklist reaches zero.

The gameplay has been revamped to give a fluid and powerful gameplay all throughout the game. Run-and-gun gameplay has been added so you can kill on the move. Smooth stealth attacks as well as new uses of devices such as the electric crossbow can stimulate your inner stealth. Take-downs with B have now been recreated to hide the body that you take out instead of dragging them around as a human shield until you find a good spot to drop them.

Multiplayer gameplay looks very promising with the ability to play as either the Splinter Cell Agent or the Military!! More detail is still to be made public.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Gameplay- by YouTubeDude


This gameplay was posted by YouTubeDude, so look him up and subscribe!! This gameplay gives us a sneak peek into the singleplayer gameplay of the upcoming addition to the Call of Duty franchise. This is set in the near future, after a catastrophic event that wiped out major cities in the USA, in this clip however, we explore the ruins of San Diego and the scavengers/militia that reside in there. The gun we have been given is the M8A1, an assault rifle that has been used in both MW2 ad MW3 with the addition of a red dot sight and suppressor. The classic slow-motion sequences have been added into the game along with new features such as the use of Riley, the German Shepard that can be remotely controlled by the protagonist/ player. He can stealthily observe enemy patrols and attack with a simple command. Thus far, we are unable to determine the quality of the game, but it is simple to see that the singleplayer gameplay is sure to impress.

Razer Onza – Xbox 360 Wired Revolution

The Razer Onza is the newest Razer Xbox 360 controller to date.This gaming controller revamps the old Razer SabertoImageoth with new features to give the ultimate gaming experience. This controller features two resistance-alterating joysticks, allowing for personal customization of gaming ability. Two freely programmable buttons just before RB and LB are used to add ease of access when gaming in many different gaming types, from simple sandbox games like GTA IV to Black Ops 2. However, many people (including myself) just program them to LB and RB for lack of motivation to use them for their proper use.

There is also a 15 foot cord that is braided with material to add flexibility and versatility so you don’t have any cord damages. Ergonomic hold on both hands with rubber backing allows for maximum comfort and minimum cramps or aches in your hands. The Y, A, B and X buttons along with the standard Xbox symbol for signing in and out have backlighting. Although there is no true purpose in this feature, may would say that this just adds to the creativity and sleek design of the Onza. A final addition to the controller is the use of hypersensitive buttons with Y, A, B and X to give you that edge when reaction time is key. All around, this controller covers each aspect of the gaming community from long, slow hours of gaming with limited action, to fast-paced, short and sweet gaming styles. Maybe even a mix of both.Even for the most hardcore of gamer’s, this controller is the way to go.

EB Games Expo Anyone?

EB-Expo-20121The EB games Expo in Sydney, Australia. This is the event of the year in the gaming world and is sure to bring thousands of people from around Australia, no the world, to get a sneak peek at a prediction of the new games and the reviews of the old.

The EB Games Expo commences on the 4 of October and finishes on the 6th. This is inside Sydney Olympic Park and is a great way for game developers such as Ubisoft and Treyarch to show off and preview new and upcoming games.

As well as this, there are many game equipment manufacturers that will show oof new gaming ideas such as mice, headsets, keyboards and even chairs (the gaming kind).

In 2011, The EB Games Expo had attracted 21 manufacturers and gaming developers that ranged from Microsoft with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary to Activision with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The accessory side of the expo was Razer with the new Razer Switchblade, a handheld gaming accessory. Along with Alienware and TurtleBeach with new laptops and headsets respectively. There was also a record broken for the biggest attendance of their time. 14, 278 visitors came to learn more.

Quickly buy your tickets and live the adventure the the EB Games Expo!!

Equip yourself!!

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Hopefully u will have fun and make your way to the top of the leaderboards. if not, I didd’t say anything… 🙂Image